At Kantrowitz & Phillippi, LLC, our mission is simple: to provide outstanding legal services in a cost­-effective manner.

Our knowledge of courts throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey is unparalleled. We bring to the table our well-­known reputation for excellence among opposing counsel, the courts and our clients. We have a deep bench of experience concerning local practices, rules, jurors and judges. We have the requisite judgment and experience to quickly assess our clients’ needs and provide them with the right advice to meet their objectives. We are committed and responsive to our clients, and we will fight in court or file pleadings immediately when required. At Kantrowitz & Phillippi, our attorneys practice regularly in federal and state courts.

We are not just a firm of trial lawyers. We are a team of problems solvers, exercising mature judgment in the field of litigation and unsurpassed expertise in trying cases in court. We maintain up-­to-­date knowledge of the business of our clients and a keen focus on their goals and concerns. Because our clients are our priority, we strive for speed and flexibility in reaching their goals—whether that means litigating, settling, or proposing adjustments to how business is conducted.